Cecilia Marie

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I’m Cecilia. I’m from sunny, sleepy Perth, Western Australia.

Life, I find, is so much more fun and full of happiness when you make more of it than what you can see. I like to feel where I am, memories have a scent, times of day have a taste. I store my memories through my senses, and I’m looking for the perfect tint of glasses to view my world through. Many pick rose ones, I wonder what colour I will pick up?

I stand out when I go out. I like lolita and otome, with a dash of hime. Beauty is my ultimate muse, I could never do without it. To see with all my senses all the beauty the world has to offer is my only refuge from the terrors of reality. I dream of attending a ball with silk slippers, of slipping into satin sheets and giving my beloved a kiss good night and waking up to the birds singing to me and the sun kissing my cheeks, to fill myself with ever so sincere gratitude for life.

This blog is a place to get down my thoughts on the inspirational, to share my journeys as I walk them ー in style, hardships, interests, whatever piques my fancy. I really wanted a place to share any wisdoms I come across, to scribe the things I love so to never forget them, and so I forged my space here.


Founded 5th July, 2012, running on WordPress, hosted by Jumba.