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Winter Staple

Image from Shandi-lee via Flickr

Winter has just finished here, but the rain was lazy and is only making up for it now; the weather has been so crisp. I love big wooly jumpers and fuzzy slippers, and I carry my warmest rug with me through the house. I sip tea or milo to keep from shivering and warm up my wheat bag.

My favourite winter item, though, is my coat. It’s a Liz Lisa coat, made for autumn, but it does the job perfectly in Australia where we have no snow. I only wear it with my prettiest dresses and skirts, and with leggings and pretty shoes, never sneakers. I wear it with Lolita, too. It has gold Liz Lisa buttons and deep pockets, and a big chunky bow at the back.

I think I’ve been wearing my dressing gown a lot more than my coat lately though, whoops.

Winter is slowly approaching in the northern hemisphere, I wonder what favourite items everyone is preparing and looking forward to snow.gif

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