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Things I Love (w29)

Image from jpellgen via Flickr

I used to write these in my journal after seeing it on a friend’s. I found it helped me a lot at the time, so I’m going to attempt to do it again weekly, to help focus on the positives, and take a moment to appreciate the little things.

@heart Warm, sunny winter days
@heart Drinking warm milk in bed under a pile of heavy duvets
@heart Seeing someone you love again after they’ve been abroad
@heart Browsing all the gorgeous Lolita pictures on Tumblr
@heart Receiving an e-mail from a dear friend out of the blue
@heart Really feeling something inspirational with the heart
@heart Dispelling feelings of anxiety; entering a more peaceful mindset
@heart Contagious smiles or laughing fits at doctor’s appointments
@heart Watching elaborate, cheesy, cute proposal videos online
@heart Receiving mail – parcels from e-shopping escapades, letters from penpals, postcards from my mister; all special mail

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