Cecilia Marie

one aspiring quaintrelle's voyage

Things I Love (w30)

Image from Rinoninha via Flickr

@heart Making progress in the quest to put contacts in perfectly
@heart Meeting awesome people in new places
@heart Becoming a little more independent
@heart Organising things; planners, stationary, notebooks and folders! So fun! (when I tell people this they think I’m weird )
@heart Lounging in a boy’s jumper
@heart Being understood when you reveal your goals to others
@heart Finding new inspirational pictures to post up in your bedroom
@heart Positivity! Looking forward and learning from the past rather than dwelling on and wallowing in it
@heart Seeing the bigger picture; not sweating the small details
@heart Mission 101 lists and goals. I need to write a mission list! I had one but lots has changed, so I’m starting over (What is it?)

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