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August Challenge

Image from Horia Varlan via Flickr

Last month I made the decision to be a better person. It wasn’t about being charitable this time, nor giving back. These are the things I normally focus on when I think about being a better person, but when I put them into action there is always a nagging in my subconscious that I should step back and take care of myself first.

Taking care of myself feels selfish, so seldom do I consider this advice myself (though I always give it when I’m worried about somebody). As I become more comfortable with myself though, caring for others becomes so much less draining and flows much more easily, so it’s worth the effort! up.gif

Often, when I begin to heal and appreciate myself, something shoots me down. This cycle has been vicious, and I am resolving now to bring it to a halt. This month I will dedicate myself to picking up the pieces.

The most challenging aspect of this I’m tackling this month, as I am studying and semester 2 has begun, is trying to balance an active timetable with the active, dreamy world in my mind. They will have to cooperate, because if one piece is missing from my puzzle, I won’t be able to put it all together. I believe that only when I put all the pieces where they’re most comfortable will I be able to look outside my puzzle and help other people solve theirs.

What are you tackling in August? ^w^/