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Things I Love (w31)

Image from alles-schlumpf via Flickr

@heart Feeling your muscles ache just a little the day after a work out
@heart Reading old diary entries to see how you’ve grown
@heart Chemistry between people; that undeniable pull
@heart Spending time with me, myself and I
@heart Trying new hair colours (even if it’s practically the same!)
@heart Earning enough ribbons on pupe for that pretty item
@heart Going for walks and taking in the crisp, fresh winter air
@heart Scheduling posts, when I remember to finish them :)
@heart Seeing good friends and good movies!
@heart Cuddles! Of course

Things I Love (w30)

Image from Rinoninha via Flickr

@heart Making progress in the quest to put contacts in perfectly
@heart Meeting awesome people in new places
@heart Becoming a little more independent
@heart Organising things; planners, stationary, notebooks and folders! So fun! (when I tell people this they think I’m weird )
@heart Lounging in a boy’s jumper
@heart Being understood when you reveal your goals to others
@heart Finding new inspirational pictures to post up in your bedroom
@heart Positivity! Looking forward and learning from the past rather than dwelling on and wallowing in it
@heart Seeing the bigger picture; not sweating the small details
@heart Mission 101 lists and goals. I need to write a mission list! I had one but lots has changed, so I’m starting over (What is it?)

Things I Love (w29)

Image from jpellgen via Flickr

I used to write these in my journal after seeing it on a friend’s. I found it helped me a lot at the time, so I’m going to attempt to do it again weekly, to help focus on the positives, and take a moment to appreciate the little things.

@heart Warm, sunny winter days
@heart Drinking warm milk in bed under a pile of heavy duvets
@heart Seeing someone you love again after they’ve been abroad
@heart Browsing all the gorgeous Lolita pictures on Tumblr
@heart Receiving an e-mail from a dear friend out of the blue
@heart Really feeling something inspirational with the heart
@heart Dispelling feelings of anxiety; entering a more peaceful mindset
@heart Contagious smiles or laughing fits at doctor’s appointments
@heart Watching elaborate, cheesy, cute proposal videos online
@heart Receiving mail – parcels from e-shopping escapades, letters from penpals, postcards from my mister; all special mail

eBay store: Cartoon Castle

Looking for stationary for university I ran across this shop. The notebooks they stock have the cutest covers! I really do have a thing for Korean stationary.

Last year I bought a Korean day planner. It was one of those any-year ones where you have to write the month and dates in yourself. I suppose some people find doing that tedious, but I find all sorts of fun out of it somehow!

This store doesn’t sell the planner I used, but I noticed they have some cute ones – I might just have to stock up for future years! This year I picked up a planner by Girlfriend magazine and have barely touched it, but not for lack of trying! It isn’t quite as motivating. I miss last year’s planner. Is it too late to get a new one for 2012?

Favourite items

This little agenda diary is so cute! I’ve never seen one in this style, and I dare say it would make me more productive using it. Going in my basket? Yes! I just hope there’s enough room in those little boxes for all my little thoughts and goings on.

I love the covers of these notebooks so much! Vintage always tugs on my heartstrings. As much as I like these books though, I never like to deface decorative pages (I’m not worthy of your gorgeousness!), so since the insides of them are decorative, I will only be admiring their listing and not adding to my basket. I hope they get good homes.

These lovely little things are sticky notes! I like to have sticky notes to tab into my textbooks or study materials for easy access. In my stationary kit I have a set of fluro-coloured Post-It tabs, but how on earth can I pass up sticking these pretty wings on everything? Basket? Definitely!

I don’t like carrying bulky binder folders so I’ve dabbled in other types of files, and I really like simple folders that just open up. You can put books in them, even a laptop if the folder is durable enough. This folder is LACY! (And pink!) Most likely going in my basket too! I hope it’s durable! It looks it. It’s a zip up. Even the zip is lovely.

I didn’t want to post more than one of any particular type of item, but I couldn’t overlook this day planner. The two pictured are my favourites, but there are two others as well: red with magical gold detailing, and charcoal with stunning red design. As gorgeous as those are, I like the tiara on the baby blue, and the classical feel of the grey one. Very tempting to add to my basket! If I’m stocking up I may, but for now I will put it off.

Cartoon Castle are offering free shipping until they hit 5,000 feedback. I wish I had more money to spare, I want so many of their gorgeous goodies! Alas, everything in moderation.

I can’t complain too much, I have splurged more than enough this month. July haul post will come at some point! It’s like Christmas in July, getting all these packages I’m waiting on. Ahh!