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September 2012 archive

Things I Love (w36)

Image from Edson Hong via Flickr

@heart Feeling stronger
@heart Trying new things that a lot of people won’t ever try
@heart Anzac / oatmeal cookies :)
@heart New toys! I’m officially on Android (y).gif
@heart Catchy music, even if everyone else hates it >D<heart (You all know of Oppa You're my Style, yes?)

Skipped a couple of weeks because I want these entries to mean something and I found weekly a bit hard, so I’ll be doing them less frequently now but hopefully at least monthly heart.gif

Pole Fitness

Image from flaringshutter via Flickr

What do you think when you hear pole dancing? Maybe I’m in the minority, but personally I think of it akin to acrobatics or gymnastics. Artful, skilful, beautiful and hard. I don’t really get why most people think “I’m doing pole dancing” means “I’m a stripper” – I didn’t say “I’m stripping”, so don’t give me that look!

I went to my first pole fitness class this week. The studio I chose is an all-girl studio, founded 8 years ago to provide a “safe haven” for girls who just want to feel a little bit sexy and dare to be a little different while burning some cals.

The thing that got me interested was a YouTube channel: Miss Dirdy Birdy.

Girls we DiG – Dirdy Birdy by DopeSource Media was my first exposure to her. She’s amazing! She’s a pole fitness instructor in Sydney. I wonder if she’s as chirpy as my instructor.

When I walked into the studio there were 10 or so other girls there already, sitting around waiting for the instructor to finish teaching another class behind the curtain. I could see the crazy disco lights from behind the curtain and hear the instructor shouting “looking great, girls!” and other affirming words.

They left, and those in our class who’d finished paperwork and payments entered to claim a pole. It was quiet for 10 minutes, then we did introductions and nobody was shy – maybe shy people wouldn’t enrol for a class like this to start with? (even though I encourage it, at least for the bucket list! haha)

After intros we started with warm ups. The instructor showed us a “heel toe” move and joked that it sounded too cowboy, so she changed her cue calls to “forward back” instead. She was wonderfully hilarious and it didn’t take long to sink into the same aura and for the class to start getting chattier.

We learnt transitions, some moves like crawls and body waves (which I failed so hard at because I was laughing so much!), and a couple of spins. By week 6 we will be able to do a beginners routine!

I wore my heart rate monitor out of curiosity, and burned 300 calories in 45 minutes.

This class is only once a week, but I think I’ll be continuing beyond beginner. I’d love to be an instructor one day even! But I wonder where I could put a pole at home… Ahaha, lots of time to figure that out if the time comes.

Bucket list: @tick Pole dance :)

Winter Staple

Image from Shandi-lee via Flickr

Winter has just finished here, but the rain was lazy and is only making up for it now; the weather has been so crisp. I love big wooly jumpers and fuzzy slippers, and I carry my warmest rug with me through the house. I sip tea or milo to keep from shivering and warm up my wheat bag.

My favourite winter item, though, is my coat. It’s a Liz Lisa coat, made for autumn, but it does the job perfectly in Australia where we have no snow. I only wear it with my prettiest dresses and skirts, and with leggings and pretty shoes, never sneakers. I wear it with Lolita, too. It has gold Liz Lisa buttons and deep pockets, and a big chunky bow at the back.

I think I’ve been wearing my dressing gown a lot more than my coat lately though, whoops.

Winter is slowly approaching in the northern hemisphere, I wonder what favourite items everyone is preparing and looking forward to snow.gif