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Review: Inkheart

Inkheart is a book about books. It’s about a bookbinder, Mo, and his daughter, Meggie. Where is her mother? She doesn’t know, but Mo does. They live in a house with stacks of books all over, it’s absolutely overrun. The mess doesn’t bother Meggie, though; they’re Meggie’s only comfort besides her dear father, Mo. She wishes he’d read aloud to her, but for some reason he won’t – and the reason why is where the story truly begins.

The characters are, of course, Mo and Meggie, and then we have Dustfinger (the fire-eater) and Gwin (his horned marten), Elinor (Meggie’s maternal aunt), Capricorn (the antagonist), his henchmen Basta and Flatnose, and then we have Fenoglio, the author of Inkheart’s very own Inkheart. There are others, of course, but you’ll see if you read it, no spoilers!

* * *

I struggled a great deal to finish this book (though I did finish it in June – after 7 months, haha!), and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not used to reading much anymore or because the plot didn’t move quickly enough. I found myself skimming through long-winded descriptions to get to actual plot-progression, for I really could not care less about how much Meggie loves books or the intricate details of reclothing a book by the second half of the novel. As a lot of other reviews [on Goodreads] mentioned, I don’t care much for book reverence. Elinor was simply over the top obsessed with her books – which she did not touch.

I pictured Mo as a very old soul, not at all has he’s portrayed in the film. I suppose I shouldn’t expect much of a film adaptation, right? Read before you watch (if you watch at all)!

The novel’s pace picked up for me at the end, but it was still a struggle to care. I don’t see myself re-reading. Still, it wasn’t a bad read, per se, though I’m not planning on finishing the trilogy. I’m a bit sad I didn’t engage more with the characters, but I think if I were a bookworm I might have a little more. I did love the nature of the ending. Without spoiling too much (just a little), I would love to live in such a fairytale estate! It’s no wonder Meggie and Mo stayed with Elinor rather than returning to their house. I wonder if they picked up all of their books though, or if they just replaced them all. They did have a lot of books.

I thought the power Capricorn had throughout the story ridiculous, especially where the police were involved. Every character was much too invested in family, something else I couldn’t relate to very well (though I do relate to love, so I got through it).

I’m curious about the nature of the translation and how it changed the book! But I’m not about to pick up German just yet if at all, so I may never know…

Things I Love (w47)

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@heart Switching out perfumes. Fresh, summery scents! Mm~
@heart Happy tears and wide, smiley, sore cheeks
@heart The calm after the storm in my mind
@heart Brown hair, admired from afar on others or wigs (not dye!)
@heart Piano instrumentals, particularly Yiruma
@heart Playing with cats and fluffy bell toys heart.gif
@heart Seeing a product pay off – cracked heel cream, I love you!
@heart Waking up fresh and awake
@heart Language learning
@heart Looking to the future, and all its possibilities; the next 3 years


I spent today in self-preservation mode, recovering from negative moods and mindsets that have plagued me this week. I was lucky to have checked my YouTube subscriptions and rediscover bubzbeauty.

Lindy recently got engaged to her high school sweetheart, which wasn’t news to me, but I hadn’t seen the (pre!)wedding videos or pictures, so when I checked the bubz tag on Tumblr I was overwhelmed with joy for this wonderful girl, and the gorgeous memories she has to show everyone in her life from here on in, to be able to celebrate this special happiness.

But anyway, I fell in love with Lindy’s videos initially because of her accent. Yes, I’m a sucker for cute voices! And Lindy, well… she has everyone beat with her adorable combination.

One video in particular I watched today touched me very deeply – Secrets of Truly Happy People. It’s inspired me to compile a collection of quotes, videos, concepts, pictures, anything at all that reminds me of this concept that is so obvious to me, but that I lose sight of so easily.

I used to have a “look book” full of things that inspired me, but I haven’t updated it in a long time. I’m not sure what format I want this collective to be yet. Digital is easier, but physical is dearer. Hopefully I take this collective with me forever.

In honour of the one who inspired me to rekindle this old love, here are some videos that I love from bubzbeauty:


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Excerpt from What The Buddha Taught:
There is no point in saying that one should not doubt or one should believe. Just to say ‘I believe’ does not mean that you understand and see.

When a student works on a mathematical problem, he comes to a stage beyond which he does not know how to proceed, and where he is in doubt, he cannot proceed. If he wants to proceed, he must resolve this doubt. And there are ways of resolving that doubt. Just to say ‘I believe’ or ‘I do not doubt’ will certainly not solve the problem. To force oneself to believe and to accept a thing without understanding is political, and not spiritual or intellectual.