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iMac with gorgeous Taylor Swift wallpaper
Image from Instagram

I’d say I’m not an Apple fangirl, but I wouldn’t seem credible after this entry, so I’ll throw the first stone and openly profess that I am (apparently) an Apple fangirl.

@heart It was in 2010 that I replaced my miserable HTC Wildfire (a dreadful example of an Android device, but not my only exposure to the system) with an iPhone 4. I’m not sure how long after this the home button became uncooperative, but I lasted almost 2 years with my iPhone before buying out my contract and switching to my Samsung Galaxy S3 (which, for the record, I hate, but I can’t go back to iPhone because the screen is silly small to me now!). I still keep my iPhone to use like an iTouch, but prefer not to because of that frustrating home button. It’s just, I paid for those apps fair and square, I refuse to relinquish them!

@heart Before betraying the Apple obsession by ditching my iPhone, however, as the beginning of the university year loomed, after much deliberation and a few spec comparisons, I decided to get a Macbook Air in 2012. It wasn’t in my initial price range, but it was the most appealing in the spec range I ended up looking at, and the cheapest from the options I narrowed down (go figure!). I named her Fairy.

@heart My next Apple adventure came last month when I decided I want an iPad against my better judgement. I didn’t know why I wanted it, I just did, but at the same time when I saw iPads I wasn’t sure what was going on in my head. I already have my lightweight Fairy for on-the-go Apple fangirling, and I already have an app-capable smartphone. I compared it to the nexus 7 my dear friend swears by, but was put off by the distaste I have for my Android phone.

And then I played with the iPad mini, and it seemed perfect. It wasn’t too big, and instead of having two Android devices I could use my Apple apps on it instead of replacing my iPhone with an iTouch (I mentioned being adamant about surrendering my apps, right?), it’s all my wants rolled into one! So I bought it and, creatively, I named it Minnie. Minnie hasn’t disappointed me at all, I won’t be without it now. This is when I became most acutely aware I was being sucked soul-first into the Apple culture, never to return — perhaps out of laziness, perhaps brainwashing. I’m not sure, but I don’t mind either way. I enjoy it.

@heart It was no surprise after being sucked in that I’d realise a desire I’ve had for a good 3 years before today: get an iMac. Thus, Penelope was bought. I’ve yet to fully replace my PC; I’m using the PC and Penelope side-by-side while I set everything up to sell my soul switch completely.

I’m exploring apps, programs and features on Penelope, and thinking of doing a post on the things that helped me switch and what I like or prefer etc. (I wish I had more to update about but I’ve been drawing blanks!)

Bring on the taunts and hipster accusations! This is working for me, and I’m the only one who answers to my gadget choices, so I’m happy.