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Smart Jewellery

A few days ago I received my long-awaited preorder – the LEAF by Bellabeat, a health tracker for women.

It tracks sleep quality, steps taken, stress levels (via breathing, with exercises you can take). It vibrates when it’s time to take my pill or when I’ve been inactive too long (as per specified activity level).

You can wear it as a clip, bracelet or necklace. So far the clip and necklace haven’t been too great at counting my steps; I’ve definitely taken steps today since I got up, and I definitely took steps yesterday at work between 12:30 and 2pm, but no data was recorded wearing it as a clip.

It also tracks your cycle, so fertile periods and ovulation days, if you’re into that.

The first panel in the picture above – clipped onto the blouse – is my favourite look with the LEAF so far, like a brooch