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Advanced Skincare

When I began my diploma at beauty school, I had vague intentions of working primarily with makeup and nails. I wasn’t looking forward to the body semester at all, really.

As it turns out, while manipedi term was fun, facials were my favourite beauty specialist unit, and I really enjoyed the therapies we covered in body semester.

I’m not sure when it happened, but now I’m studying to be a dermal therapist. goal.gif

I don’t want to wax your hoo-haa, but I’ll take a laser to it any day! Peel a layer of your face off, you say? Sure thing. I’m in my element in this field. The graduate diploma is tough, but fantastic.

Since beginning my dermal therapies grad-dip I’ve slowly converted to active cosmeceuticals. So far I’ve only tried one brand (thanks very much to my own skin needling/MDA dermal therapist for the persuasive introduction pupegiggle ) but with a little research I’ve got a lot I want to try!

I thought, hey… lor.gif

why not write about some of the things I’ve learned about cosmeceuticals and their effect on skin ?.gif

It’ll help me study, ingrain the topics in my head, make me the best dermal therapist I can be gold.gif

Two brands I’m interested in in particular are Pixi Beauty (not in small part because of the ol’ Lady Lovely Locks fan in me stars.gif ) and Paula’s Choice.

There’s a BHA product I’m interested in from Paula’s Choice (tossing up between the 1% and 2% still, however), and the chemical exfoliating toner from Pixi has rave reviews so it’s piqued my curiosity.

My skin is in quite a state from neglect over my lifetime and moderate-severe acne from my teens. I’m fortunate enough to have beaten acne, only struggling maybe a handful of zits every year – now it’s just the scarring punch.gif I have pitted scarring, like dents on my skin. I can’t hope to completely treat them, but I think they can be improved. During facials term in beauty school my teacher noted seborrhoea around my nostrils. This condition alone has plagued me for so long and I just couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening, so whenever I’d wear makeup it would flake and look terrible. pupelines

My passion for this area began here, with my own concerns.
It’s a little embarrassing how much I light up when I start talking about what I’ve learned, I hardly notice how much I’m talking until I notice the metaphorical snore-bubble from my polite listener’s face.

Hopefully in blog form I can structure my posts a little better than word vomit pupegiggle