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Things I Love (w30)

Image from Rinoninha via Flickr

@heart Making progress in the quest to put contacts in perfectly
@heart Meeting awesome people in new places
@heart Becoming a little more independent
@heart Organising things; planners, stationary, notebooks and folders! So fun! (when I tell people this they think I’m weird )
@heart Lounging in a boy’s jumper
@heart Being understood when you reveal your goals to others
@heart Finding new inspirational pictures to post up in your bedroom
@heart Positivity! Looking forward and learning from the past rather than dwelling on and wallowing in it
@heart Seeing the bigger picture; not sweating the small details
@heart Mission 101 lists and goals. I need to write a mission list! I had one but lots has changed, so I’m starting over (What is it?)

I want to go to Japan!

Image from reuben via Flickr

Since I discovered that Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura – cartoons I first watched when I was little (and never seemed to grow out of ^.^.gif ) – are from Japan, and then when I found out the band I liked, Malice Mizer, was also Japanese, I’ve been actively interested in Japanese pop culture.

After that came more anime, then when that died down a little, Lolita fashion. Then came along gyaru fashion, magazines, and slowly, more and more of this media I couldn’t read was showing up everywhere I looked. Communities I joined on LiveJournal, shows I watched, interviews and tours on YouTube, fashion sites…

My friends were into it as well. I’d hear about holiday planning and where they’d go or had gone, where they shopped, and often when I exclaimed “where did you get that? I love it!” the answer was 109, Harajuku, ‘a random shop in Shibuya’, Osaka, Liz Lisa. For how much I loved them they seemed out of my reach. -w-

When I was into Lolita, Baby the Stars Shine Bright had just begun shipping internationally. Bodyline was acceptable, and the secondhand Lolita community was bustling. The YEN to AUD was wonderfully in my favour, 100¥ to the dollar! But it didn’t last. The yen grew stronger against our dollar, and (irrespectively) the novelty of shopping online died a little. ;_;

Still interested in reading my magazines and websites or blogs though, and entering linguist mode, I decided to pick up the language. I studied intensively for a year and a half, reaching “intermediate” level. This year I’m going to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), though I’ve been out of practise for a long while.

It’s sad to look back at how my flame for Japan dimmed over time. I never did get there, like I’d wanted to since I was 12 years old. It wasn’t until this month that I got back into Liz Lisa, and my passion rekindled and began to burn so fiercely in my heart that now, 10 years later, I have resolved to make it there. goal.gif

Liz Lisa is available online. The makeup I want is online. Everything I could want from Japan is online, except the experience. I think this is what my soul needs. I need to walk around and feel belonging, walk into a store and like the things they sell. It’s rare to do that here! The stores I like are expensive and haven’t got the sentimentality that Japanese clothes have to me.

It’s silly to me that I’ve been so obsessed and smitten with this country, but have never been there before. My knowledge about Japan is inconclusive; distant; impersonal. I will get there.

This means no more shopping sprees (post on that coming up as soon as I receive the last thing I paid for!). With enough posters on my wall though, this will just be another motivator for me! I’m so excited to make my dreams come true. I guess that’s what this is about, isn’t it?

Wait for me, I’ll be there soon. stars.gif

Things I Love (w29)

Image from jpellgen via Flickr

I used to write these in my journal after seeing it on a friend’s. I found it helped me a lot at the time, so I’m going to attempt to do it again weekly, to help focus on the positives, and take a moment to appreciate the little things.

@heart Warm, sunny winter days
@heart Drinking warm milk in bed under a pile of heavy duvets
@heart Seeing someone you love again after they’ve been abroad
@heart Browsing all the gorgeous Lolita pictures on Tumblr
@heart Receiving an e-mail from a dear friend out of the blue
@heart Really feeling something inspirational with the heart
@heart Dispelling feelings of anxiety; entering a more peaceful mindset
@heart Contagious smiles or laughing fits at doctor’s appointments
@heart Watching elaborate, cheesy, cute proposal videos online
@heart Receiving mail – parcels from e-shopping escapades, letters from penpals, postcards from my mister; all special mail

eBay store: Cartoon Castle

Looking for stationary for university I ran across this shop. The notebooks they stock have the cutest covers! I really do have a thing for Korean stationary.

Last year I bought a Korean day planner. It was one of those any-year ones where you have to write the month and dates in yourself. I suppose some people find doing that tedious, but I find all sorts of fun out of it somehow!

This store doesn’t sell the planner I used, but I noticed they have some cute ones – I might just have to stock up for future years! This year I picked up a planner by Girlfriend magazine and have barely touched it, but not for lack of trying! It isn’t quite as motivating. I miss last year’s planner. Is it too late to get a new one for 2012?

Favourite items

This little agenda diary is so cute! I’ve never seen one in this style, and I dare say it would make me more productive using it. Going in my basket? Yes! I just hope there’s enough room in those little boxes for all my little thoughts and goings on.

I love the covers of these notebooks so much! Vintage always tugs on my heartstrings. As much as I like these books though, I never like to deface decorative pages (I’m not worthy of your gorgeousness!), so since the insides of them are decorative, I will only be admiring their listing and not adding to my basket. I hope they get good homes.

These lovely little things are sticky notes! I like to have sticky notes to tab into my textbooks or study materials for easy access. In my stationary kit I have a set of fluro-coloured Post-It tabs, but how on earth can I pass up sticking these pretty wings on everything? Basket? Definitely!

I don’t like carrying bulky binder folders so I’ve dabbled in other types of files, and I really like simple folders that just open up. You can put books in them, even a laptop if the folder is durable enough. This folder is LACY! (And pink!) Most likely going in my basket too! I hope it’s durable! It looks it. It’s a zip up. Even the zip is lovely.

I didn’t want to post more than one of any particular type of item, but I couldn’t overlook this day planner. The two pictured are my favourites, but there are two others as well: red with magical gold detailing, and charcoal with stunning red design. As gorgeous as those are, I like the tiara on the baby blue, and the classical feel of the grey one. Very tempting to add to my basket! If I’m stocking up I may, but for now I will put it off.

Cartoon Castle are offering free shipping until they hit 5,000 feedback. I wish I had more money to spare, I want so many of their gorgeous goodies! Alas, everything in moderation.

I can’t complain too much, I have splurged more than enough this month. July haul post will come at some point! It’s like Christmas in July, getting all these packages I’m waiting on. Ahh!